Holy cow! Literally! Join David as he reads his own personal translation of the Hebrew Bible with guest Ahron Moeller. Together, they try to decipher just what the heck God was trying to get out in the early latter half of Numbers.

Also, there's a whole weird thing about snakes.

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Periods! Semen! Mold! Other strange emissions! We've got it all in episode 38 of OMGWTFBIBLE, David Tuchman's own personal translation of the Hebrew Bible. This time around, he's reading with animator, director, and apostate Nina Paley, who is working on a new film called Seder-Masochism and is all about Passover. THIS EPISODE IS GROSS.

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Leviticus is a very shocking book, full of all sorts of terrifying rules that we don't care about anymore. Even more shocking is how pretty much the first third of it is basically a cook book. So who better to read David Tuchman's new translation from Hebrew than culinary historian Michael Twitty? NOBODY, that's who. Listen now to the Season 3 premiere of OMGWTFBIBLE!

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Where's OMGWTFBIBLE been? Buried under piles of snow, most likely! But we're about to return! Next week, we've got two shows, which means a whole lot of episodes on the way. Listen here and be enlightened.

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We really shouldn’t be making light of plagues these days, but that’s where OMGWTFBIBLE is up to in the Torah, so we don’t really have a choice. This month, meet Rishe Groner, an Australian with a Chabad background and more knowledge about the Torah than David Tuchman or Rashi or God or your Hebrew school teacher could’ve expected.

The third portion of Exodus, which we call “Come,” kicks off with a plague of very annoying insects. But first, Rishe tells us how much of a whirlwind the past month has been. And David invents a Simchat Torah-appropriate parody song on the spot. Listen to it all!



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Catch up on all the Bible craziness with these jam-packed, king-sized episodes! Part 2 of Just the Bible Bits 1 features chapters 23-41.

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OMGWTFBIBLE goes to shul! The Stanton Street Shul, to be exact! Matthue Roth, author of My First Kafka, joins David to read about a whole bunch of funny names and the beginning of the Yoseph cycle.

In which there are still more names and a curious article of clothing

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Julie Sugar joins me on May 20, 2013 to read Chapter Eight, in which a plotline is recycled and Avraham gives us a primer in how to be a bad dad.

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