Leviticus is a very shocking book, full of all sorts of terrifying rules that we don't care about anymore. Even more shocking is how pretty much the first third of it is basically a cook book. So who better to read David Tuchman's new translation from Hebrew than culinary historian Michael Twitty? NOBODY, that's who. Listen now to the Season 3 premiere of OMGWTFBIBLE!

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Finish out Exodus with this massive very big episode! Listen to Catie Lazarus, Shulem Deen, Luzer Twersky, and Wendy Chin read chapters 76 through 115 of David Tuchman's brand-new, not-boring translation of the Hebrew Bible!

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Get your Exodus fix right here! David Tuchman blows through chapters 32 to 75 of his translation of the Hebrew Bible, joined by guests Michael Schreiber, Kevin Sefton, Rabbi Leah Jordan, Rachel Rose Reid, Sha James, and Mark Leuchter.

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Are you overwhelmed by how many Exodus episodes there are? Well, this is the episode for you! It's just about 2 hours, and jam-packed with the first three parts of Exodus, with readings by guests Mordechai Levovitz, Y-Love, and Rishe Groner from David Tuchman's new translation of the Hebrew Bible. Listen now and get caught up fast!

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