Rules, rules, rules! Everyones always saying that the Bible is full of rules we have to follow because God said so or something. If youve been listening to OMGWTFBIBLE, David Tuchmans brand-new translation of the Hebrew Bible, you might be wondering where those rules are hidden with all the explosions and wacky sex stuff going on. 

Well, its time for rules, starting with part six of Exodus, Mishpatim, in episode 28.1 Sha James is the guest, and the two discuss just how much these rules can be applied to life. Does the Bible have anything to say about vaccines? Maybe! Listen and find out.

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Where's OMGWTFBIBLE been? Buried under piles of snow, most likely! But we're about to return! Next week, we've got two shows, which means a whole lot of episodes on the way. Listen here and be enlightened.

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