Periods! Semen! Mold! Other strange emissions! We've got it all in episode 38 of OMGWTFBIBLE, David Tuchman's own personal translation of the Hebrew Bible. This time around, he's reading with animator, director, and apostate Nina Paley, who is working on a new film called Seder-Masochism and is all about Passover. THIS EPISODE IS GROSS.

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Now is the time when Mark Oppenheimer, host of Tablet Magazine's "Unorthodox" podcast and writer at a little-known publication called The New York Times, joins David Tuchman to read the part of David's translation of the Hebrew Bible where God talks about skin rashes for a while. Like, a really long while. It is silly how long God talks about rashes. Do you have a Biblical skin rash? Listen and find out!

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